new ChangeRoomCapacityRequest(room, newMaxUsers, newMaxSpect)

Creates a new ChangeRoomCapacityRequest instance. The instance must be passed to the SmartFox.send() method for the request to be executed.

This request changes the maximum number of users and/or spectators who can join a Room. If the operation is successful, the roomCapacityChange event is dispatched to all the users who subscribed the Group to which the target Room belongs, including the requester user himself. If the user is not the creator (owner) of the Room, the roomCapacityChangeError event is fired. An administrator or moderator can override this constrain (he is not requested to be the Room's owner).

Please note that some limitations are applied to the passed values (i.e. a client can't set the max users to more than 200, or the max spectators to more than 32). Also, if the Room was configured so that resizing is not allowed (see the RoomSettings.permissions parameter), the request is ignored and no error is fired.

In case the Room's capacity is reduced to a value less than the current number of users/spectators inside the Room, exceeding users are NOT disconnected.


This example changes the capacity of an existing Room.

function someMethod()
	sfs.addEventListener(SFS2X.SFSEvent.ROOM_CAPACITY_CHANGE, onRoomCapacityChanged, this);
	sfs.addEventListener(SFS2X.SFSEvent.ROOM_CAPACITY_CHANGE_ERROR, onRoomCapacityChangeError, this);

	var theRoom = sfs.getRoomByName("Gonzo's Room");

	// Resize the Room so that it allows a maximum of 100 users and zero spectators
	sfs.send(new SFS2X.ChangeRoomCapacityRequest(theRoom, 100, 0));

function onRoomCapacityChanged(evtParams)
	console.log("The capacity of Room " + + " was changed successfully");

function onRoomCapacityChangeError(evtParams)
	console.log("Room capacity change failed: " + evtParams.errorMessage);


Name Type Optional Description




The Room object corresponding to the Room whose capacity should be changed.




The new maximum number of users/players who can join the Room.




The new maximum number of spectators who can join the Room (for Game Rooms only).

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