1.2 Features

» Client API for ActionScript 2.0 and 3.0
We support all Flash Players starting from version 6 up to the latest Flash Player 11.
Flash MX was supported up to version 1.4 of the server. The latest versions target Flash MX2004 and the following releases, Flex Builder 2 and the following releases.

» Other client API
SmartFoxServer can be used with any client technology that provides access to TCP sockets. In particular we provide high level API for other client platforms such as Java, .Net and Mono, Shockwave, Ajax. You can learn more about the status of each of these API in the SmartFoxServer Pro download page.

» Public and private chat messaging
Send public messages to all users in a room or a private message to a single user. You can also send private messages to user in other rooms.

» Server side variables (User Variables / Room Variables)

Allow to save variables on the server side and share them across the users. Room Variables can hold the status of the current game/application while User Variables can be used to store user properties/settings.

» Send and receive complex ActionScript data objects
You'll be able to send simple to complex data objects to other clients in a snap! Objects received by the clients are immediately usable like any other object in the code.

» Auto kick idle users and "garbage connections"
You can automatically disconnect idle users after a certain amount of time. The server also monitors socket connections and automatically closes all those that don't use the SmartFoxServer protocol, avoiding that precious network resources are wasted.

» Dynamically created rooms

Rooms can be defined in the main config.xml file but also created at runtime with many different options (game rooms, private rooms, max # of users, max # of spectators, variables, etc).

» Support for foreign languages / charsets
Allows developers to use foreign charachter sets in user names, room names, public / private messages, etc.

» Configurable logging capabilities
You can customize how many log files to use, their maximum size, the level of importance of messages being logged, etc. It is also a great tool for debugging your applications on the server side.

» Moderator and Administrator messages
Allows to send special "Administrator" and "Moderator" messages and notifications.

» Moderator support (kick / ban commands)
Users recognized by the server as "moderators" can use special commands to kick and banish other users.

» Flooding filter with autokick / autoban functions:

The filter can be configured to avoid message flooding. It will automatically warn users that were caught flooding and in case they continue it will first kick them, then banish them if they don't stop.

» Bad words filter with autokick / autoban functions
The tool can be configured in different ways to filter bad words in the chat. You can also filter bad words in room names and user names.
It can automatically warn users to stop swearing and in case they continue it will first kick them, then banish them if they don't stop.

» IP Filter
Allows to set the maximum number of connections from the same IP address, in order to avoid hacking attempts, flooding, etc.

» Persistent banned user list

The banned users is saved locally by the server and loaded at boot time.

» Persistent Buddy Lists
Buddy lists allow users to keep a list of friends and be notified in realtime about their online status, also you can send messages to the buddies and instantly join the room where your friend is currently in.

» Game spectators
Game rooms support spectators, a particular type of user that does not interact with the game.
When a player leaves the game room one of the spectators can get in the game and become a player.

» Web-based administration control panel
The Admin Tool allows to monitor the server in realtime and manage it. You will be able to:

- load / edit / save server config file remotely
- restart / stop server
- manage banned user list
- inspect rooms and user properties (useful also for debugging)
- kick / ban users
- add new applications to the server on the fly, without restarting
- start / stop applications without restarting
- remotely monitor and debug your custom extensions
- remotely edit ActionScript extensions
- add / start / stop extension without restarting the server
- see the last server log messages
- send administrator messages to single users / rooms / all the users connected

» Server-side Extensions (ActionScript / JavaScript / Python / Java ) (SFS PRO)
Extensions allow developers to create and unlimited number of new features on the server side, from a simple database-driven login procedure to a sophisticated game logic and even interface the server with other applications.
Extensions can be developed using Java, ActionScript 1, Python... and you can even use all your Java classes in your ActionScript code, as if they where normal ActionScript objects!

» Embedded Http Server (SFS PRO)
Allows to server static and dynamic web pages, allows running Python and Java servlets and integrate seamlessly with the server side extensions.

» DatabaseManager (SFS PRO)
allows connection and interaction with all major RDBMS like MySQL, MS SQL, Access, Oracle, DB2, etc.

» Embedded Database Engine (SFS PRO)
SmartFoxServer PRO provides a powerful and lightweight database engine (H2 database Engine) which eliminate the dependencies on any other external database. Everything runs in the JVM and can be moved effortlessly to different servers even running different operating systems.

» Unlimited scalability (SFS PRO)
Running the latest generation of MMOs requires high scalability and availability of the service. SmartFoxServer is today the leading technology for browser-based MMOs, offering both parallel and in cluster configurations to enable maximum flexibilty in your server architecture. You can learn a lot more by following the articles in our white-paper section of the documentation.

» Raw data protocols for better data compression in real time games (SFS PRO)
Allows to send raw string-based data enabling the developer to format the server messages the way he wants.
Realtime games network performance can be dramatically improved using this technique.

» Easily send emails (SFS PRO)
Your can easily send any text or html-formatted email without the need to use external software or application server. It can be useful to confirm a registration procedure, to send a lost password and even news or updates about your application.

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