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Dispatched if the Buddy List system is successfully initialized.

Namespace:  Sfs2X.Core
Assembly:  SmartFox2X (in SmartFox2X.dll) Version: (1.7.11)
public static readonly string BUDDY_LIST_INIT

Field Value

Type: String
This event is fired in response to the InitBuddyListRequest request in case the operation is executed successfully.

After the Buddy List system initialization, the user returns to his previous custom state (if any - see IBuddyManager.MyState property). His online/offline state, his nickname and his persistent Buddy Variables are all loaded and broadcast in the system. In particular, the online state (see IBuddyManager.MyOnlineState property) determines if the user will appear online or not to other users who have him in their buddies list.

The Params object contains the following parameters:

buddyList(List<Buddy>) A list of objects representing all the buddies in the current user's buddies list.
myVariables(List<BuddyVariable>) The list of all BuddyVariable objects associated with the current user.
See the InitBuddyListRequest example.
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