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SmartFox Methods

The SmartFox type exposes the following members.

Public methodCode exampleAddEventListener
Adds a delegate to a given API event type that will be used for callbacks.
Public methodCode exampleAddLogListener
Registers a delegate method for log messages callbacks.
Public methodConnect
Public methodConnect(String)
Public methodCode exampleConnect(ConfigData)
Establishes a connection between the client and a SmartFoxServer 2X instance using a configuration object.
Public methodCode exampleConnect(String, Int32)
Establishes a connection between the client and a SmartFoxServer 2X instance.
Public methodDisconnect
Closes the connection between the client and the SmartFoxServer 2X instance.
Public methodEnableLagMonitor(Boolean)
Public methodEnableLagMonitor(Boolean, Int32)
Public methodEnableLagMonitor(Boolean, Int32, Int32)
Enables the automatic realtime monitoring of the lag between the client and the server (round robin).
Public methodCode exampleGetRoomById
Retrieves a Room object from its id.
Public methodCode exampleGetRoomByName
Retrieves a Room object from its name.
Public methodGetRoomListFromGroup
Retrieves the list of Rooms which are part of the specified Room Group.
Public methodCode exampleInitCrypto
Initializes the connection cryptography to protect all client-server communications with standard TLS protocol.
Public methodInitUDP
Public methodInitUDP(String)
Public methodCode exampleInitUDP(String, Int32)
Initializes the UDP protocol by performing an handshake with the server.
Public methodKillConnection
Simulates an abrupt disconnection from the server.
Public methodLoadConfig
Public methodLoadConfig(Boolean)
Public methodLoadConfig(String)
Public methodCode exampleLoadConfig(String, Boolean)
Loads the client configuration file.
Public methodCode exampleProcessEvents
Tells the API to process all event queues and execute the delegate callbacks.
Public methodRemoveAllEventListeners
Removes all event listeners.
Public methodRemoveEventListener
Removes a delegate registration for a given API event.
Public methodRemoveLogListener
Removes a delegate method for log messages callbacks.
Public methodCode exampleSend
Sends a request to the server.
Public methodSetClientDetails
Allows to set custom client details used to gather statistics about the client platform in the SFS2X Analytics Module.
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