Class RemoveBuddyRequest

  extended by sfs2x.client.requests.BaseRequest
      extended by sfs2x.client.requests.buddylist.RemoveBuddyRequest
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class RemoveBuddyRequest
extends BaseRequest

Removes a buddy from the current user's buddies list.

In order to remove a buddy, the current user must be online in the Buddy List system. If the buddy is removed successfully, the operation is confirmed by a buddyRemove event; otherwise the buddyError event is fired.

NOTE: this request can be sent if the Buddy List system was previously initialized only (see the InitBuddyListRequest request description).

The following example sends a request to remove a buddy:

 private void someMethod() {
     sfs.addEventListener(SFSBuddyEvent.BUDDY_REMOVE, new IEventListener() {
         public void dispatch(BaseEvent evt) throws SFSException {
             System.out.println("This buddy was removed:" + ((Buddy) evt.getArguments().get("buddy")).getName());
     sfs.addEventListener(SFSBuddyEvent.BUDDY_ERROR, new IEventListener() {
         public void dispatch(BaseEvent evt) throws SFSException {
             System.out.println("The following error occurred while executing a buddy-related request:" + evt.getArguments().get("errorMessage"));
     // Remove Jack from my buddies list
     sfs.send(new RemoveBuddyRequest("Jack"));

See Also:
SFSBuddyEvent.BUDDY_REMOVE, SFSBuddyEvent.BUDDY_ERROR, AddBuddyRequest, InitBuddyListRequest

Field Summary
static java.lang.String KEY_BUDDY_NAME
          * API internal usage only *
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Constructor Summary
RemoveBuddyRequest(java.lang.String buddyName)
          Creates a new RemoveBuddyRequest instance.
Method Summary
 void execute(ISmartFox sfs)
          * API internal usage only *
 void validate(ISmartFox sfs)
          * API internal usage only *
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Field Detail


public static final java.lang.String KEY_BUDDY_NAME
* API internal usage only *

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Constant Field Values
Constructor Detail


public RemoveBuddyRequest(java.lang.String buddyName)
Creates a new RemoveBuddyRequest instance. The instance must be passed to the SmartFox.send() method for the request to be performed.

buddyName - The name of the buddy to be removed from the user's buddies list.
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Method Detail


public void validate(ISmartFox sfs)
              throws sfs2x.client.exceptions.SFSValidationException
* API internal usage only *



public void execute(ISmartFox sfs)
* API internal usage only *