Class: CreateMMORoomSettings


The CreateMMORoomSettings class extends the basic CreateRoomSettings class adding new functionalities that are unique to an MMORoom.

For a full discussion of the MMORoom features, see the MMORoom class documentation.

MMORoom settings

The following parameters define the MMORoom features:

  • defaultAOI: a Vec3D instance setting the 2D/3D positional range within which events are broadcast
  • mapLimits: (optional) a MapLimits instance setting the upper and lower limits (along the X,Y,Z axes) of the virtual world represented by the MMORoom
  • userMaxLimboSeconds: (optional, default 50) the number of seconds a user can remain in the MMORoom without setting his initial position
  • proximityListUpdateMillis: (optional, default 250) the number of milliseconds between each proximity list update event sent to clients
  • sendAOIEntryPoint: (optional, default true) a flag to indicate if the entry position of a user inside another player's Area of Interest should be sent in the proximity list update event


  • Coordinates in defaultAOI and mapLimits settings must be passed as a Vec3D instances, but this class is not available in JavaScript due to constructor overloading in Java. You can use the Vectors.newVec3D helper method to generate a Vec3D object as appropriate.
  • For members of the CreateMMORoomSettings class, please refer to its Javadoc.

See also

new CreateMMORoomSettings()

Creates a new CreateMMORoomSettings instance.