Banishes a user from the server.

Namespace: Sfs2X.Requests
Assembly: SmartFox2X (in SmartFox2X.dll) Version: (1.7.3)


public class BanUserRequest : BaseRequest


The current user must have administration or moderation privileges in order to be able to ban another user (see the User.PrivilegeId property). The user can be banned by name or by IP address (see the BanMode class). Also, the request allows sending a message to the banned user (to make clear the reason of the following disconnection) which is delivered by means of the MODERATOR_MESSAGE event.

Differently from the user being kicked (see the KickUserRequest request), a banned user won't be able to connect to the SmartFoxServer instance until the banishment expires (after 24 hours for client-side banning) or an administrator removes his name/IP address from the list of banned users by means of the SmartFoxServer 2X Administration Tool.


The following example bans the user Jack from the system:
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User userToBan = sfs.UserManager.GetUserByName("Jack");
sfs.Send( new BanUserRequest(userToBan.Id) );

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