The RoomSettings type exposes the following members.


Public propertyAllowOwnerOnlyInvitation
Specifies if the Room allows "Join Room" invitations to be sent by any user or just by its owner.
Public propertyEvents
Defines the flags indicating which events related to the Room are dispatched by the SmartFox client.
Public propertyExtension
Defines the Extension that must be attached to the Room on the server-side, and its settings.
Public propertyGroupId
Defines the id of the Group to which the Room should belong.
Public propertyIsGame
Indicates whether the Room is a Game Room or not.
Public propertyMaxSpectators
Defines the maximum number of spectators allowed in the Room (only for Game Rooms).
Public propertyMaxUsers
Defines the maximum number of users allowed in the Room.
Public propertyMaxVariables
Defines the maximum number of Room Variables allowed for the Room.
Public propertyName
Defines the name of the Room.
Public propertyPassword
Defines the password of the Room.
Public propertyPermissions
Defines the flags indicating which operations are permitted on the Room.
Public propertyVariables
Defines a list of RooomVariable objects to be attached to the Room.

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