Class SFS2X.ErrorCodes

The SmartFoxServer error codes and the related error messages.

This class class provides a mean of translation between server error codes and the related error messages.

Error messages are provided by defualt in the English language but they can be localized and substituted in any other language. The error messages contain special placeholders that are processed at runtime and substituted with runtime data. They are in the form of a number enclosed in curly brackets such as: {0}, {1}, etc. Please make sure you maintain these placeholders while translating the messages.

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Method Summary

Method Detail

  • <static> SFS2X.ErrorCodes.setErrorMessage(code, message)
    Sets the text of the error message corresponding to the passed error code.

    NOTE: you have to make sure you maintain all the placeholders while modifying a message.

    The following example shows how to translate error 13 to French language retaining the required placeholders:

    function someMethod()
    	SFS2X.ErrorCodes.setErrorMessage(13, "Le Groupe demandé n'est pas disponible - Salle: {0}; Groupe: {1}");
    {Number} code
    The code of the error message to be modified.
    {String} message
    The new error message, including the placeholders for runtime informations.