Class SFS2X.Requests.MMO.MMORoomSettings

The settings required to create an MMORoom using the CreateRoomRequest request.

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Creates a new MMORoomSettings instance.

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Creates a new MMORoomSettings instance.

The instance must be passed to the CreateRoomRequest class constructor.

{String} name
The name of the MMORoom to be created.
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Field Detail

{Vec3D} defaultAOI
Defines the Area of Interest (AoI) for the MMORoom.

This value represents the area/range around the user that will be affected by server events and other users events. It is a Vec3D object providing 2D or 3D coordinates. For example a Vec3D(50,50) describes a range of 50 units (e.g. pixels) in all four directions (top, bottom, left, right) with respect to the user position in a 2D coordinates system. A Vec3D(120,120,60) instead describes a range of 120 units in all four directions (top, bottom, left, right) and 60 units along the two Z-axis directions (backward, forward) with respect to the user position in a 3D coordinates system.

Setting this value is mandatory.

{MapLimits} mapLimits
Defines the limits of the virtual environment represented by the MMORoom.

When specified, this property must contain two non-null Vec3D objects representing the minimum and maximum limits of the 2D/3D coordinates systems. Any positional value that falls outside the provided limit will be refused by the server.

This setting is optional but its usage is highly recommended.

Default Value:
{Number} proximityListUpdateMillis
Configures the speed at which the SFSEvent.PROXIMITY_LIST_UPDATE event is sent by the server.

In an MMORoom, the regular users list is replaced by a proximity list, which keeps an updated view of the users currently within the Area of Interest of the current user. The speed at which these updates are fired by the server is regulated by this parameter, which sets the minimum time between two subsequent updates.

NOTE: values below the default might be unnecessary for most applications unless they are in realtime.

Default Value:
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{Boolean} sendAOIEntryPoint
Sets if the users entry points in the current user's Area of Interest should be transmitted in the SFSEvent.PROXIMITY_LIST_UPDATE event.

If this setting is set to true, when a user enters the AoI of another user, the server will also send the coordinates at which the former "appeared" within the AoI. This option should be turned off in case these coordinates are not needed, in order to save bandwidth.

Default Value:
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{Number} userMaxLimboSeconds
Defines the time limit before a user without a physical position set inside the MMORoom is kicked from the Room.

As soon as the MMORoom is joined, the user still doesn't have a physical position set in the coordinates system, therefore it is considered in a "limbo" state. At this point the user is expected to set his position (via the SetUserPositionRequest request) within the amount of seconds expressed by this value.

Default Value: