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Server API Documentation


» How to use the server-side Javadoc

Once you have experimented with a basic Extension, as introduced in the quick start chapter, you can consult the server-side Javadoc to explore the features of the server API and get a reference for the available methods.

The starting point for accessing the server API is the SFSApi class, which is accessible from within the main Extension class and in any request/event handler via the getApi() method.

» Java IDE integration

You can also install a local copy of the Javadoc in your IDE of choice to integrate it with the auto-completion feature. You can find the updated version of the Javadoc here.

Once you've downloaded the zip file you can follow these instructions to install it in your IDE.


To install the documentation in the Eclipse IDE follow these steps:


Intellij IDEA

To install the documentation in the IntelliJ Idea IDE follow these steps:



To install the documentation in the Netbeans IDE follow these steps: