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» Installing under Windows

SmartFoxServer 2X requires a recent 64-bit version of Windows, such as Windows 7, 8, 10, 11.

Once you have downloaded the installer double click it to start the setup process.

Important note on Windows SmartScreen

The Windows version of SmartFoxServer is distributed as a signed installer, but due to Microsoft approach to security, a reputation based on number of installations is also needed to prevent Windows SmartScreen from activating, informing the user about an unspecified threat.

For this reason, when launching the installer, you will be warned that the app is not recognized. You should (A) click on the More info link to make the Run anyway button appear, then (B) click it to start the installation procedure.

» Setup

Follow the installation wizard steps on screen.

By default SmartFoxServer 2X is installed as a Windows service. If you're setting up a local development machine make sure to tick off this option, so the server won't run in the background when you don't need it.

» Running SmartFoxServer 2X

SmartFoxServer 2X can be run in multiple ways:

» Uninstalling SmartFoxServer 2X

A convenient Uninstall program is provided in the installation folder, which completely removes the software from your system. The removal implies also that your custom settings and data will be lost. Proceed carefully with uninstalling SFS2X if you want to keep your settings.


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