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Welcome to the SmartFoxServer 2X online documentation.
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Jul 14th, 2017

The first batch of tutorials describing the HTML5 / JavaScript examples is now available in related section. Check the Connector, the Simple Chat, the Advanced Chat and the Game Lobby tutorials.

Apr 26th, 2017

We have revamped and updated the documentation with new sections on Javascript server side development and C++ examples. You will also find improvements throughout all of the other sections of this website and more will keep coming in the next few weeks.

Sep 2nd, 2016

Instructions to compile the C++ API in Xcode7 for iOS projects are now available in the API setup document.

Aug 18th, 2016

An App, a Marathon and an Astronaut added to the white papers section: how SmartFoxServer is powering a mobile app on the International Space Station!