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» Ban Manager module

The AdminTool's Ban Manager module gives the administrator full user banning capabilities. With respect to the similar feature available in the User monitoring view of the Zone Monitor module, this dedicated module offers more fine-grained options, and it also shows the lists of the banned usernames and IP addresses.

Ban Manager module

Users can be banned in two ways: by username and by IP address. Username banning can be achieved in the following ways:

  1. using the AdminTool itself, as described in the following paragraph or in the Zone Monitor module's documentation;
  2. within your application if one or more special users have SuperUser privileges (see the Zone Configurator module's Privilege manager tab description for more information) and the application interface has the proper controls to do it;
  3. automatically by SmartFoxServer 2X, setting to NAME the Ban mode property of the words and flood filters in the Zone Configurator module.

IP address banning is performed automatically by the words and flood filters of SFS2X setting to IP their Ban mode property in the Zone Configurator module.

» Usage

The upper form in the module allows banning users by their username. The following details must be provided before pressing the BAN button.

When the BAN button is pressed and the user is banned, only the username field is reset, allowing administrators to ban other users keeping the same settings. Press the Clear button to reset the form to default values.

The Banned usernames and Banned IP addresses tabs show the respective lists. Their usage is the same, except that the Banned usernames tab requires a Zone to be selected.

The lists show the following details.

The lists are not updated automatically in case a user is banned using methods 2 and 3 above: you have to press the Refresh button below the list (left corner).

One or more banned usernames/IP addresses can be removed at once by selecting them and pressing the Remove selected button. In order to select multiple list items, keep the CTRL (Windows/Linux) or CMD (Mac OS X) key pressed while clicking on the list.
To empty the list, click on the Remove all button.


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