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» BlueBox Monitor module

The AdminTool's Zone Monitor allows runtime monitoring of clients connected to SmartFoxServer 2X through its HTTP-tunnelling system, the BlueBox.

BlueBox Monitor module

» Usage

When the module is accessed, the list of the current BlueBox sessions is displayed in the datagrid. The list is updated constantly depending on the refresh interval (see the note below). It is also possible to refresh the list manually by hitting the Refresh now button in the top right corner.

It is possible to filter the sessions' list by Zone, selecting it in the respective dropdown, or by user name, typing some text in the Filter user name input field. Also, all columns can be sorted by clicking on their headers.

Each session listed provides the following information.

Data displayed by this module is not updated in realtime, but a refresh rate can be selected in the Interval dropdown in the top-right corner of the module; five seconds is the default value.


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