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» Zone Configurator | Room configuration settings

The following paragraphs show the screenshots of the Room configuration settings tabs of the Zone Configurator module, and enter into deeper details about the less straightforward settings.

» General tab

This tab contains the basic Room settings.

General tab

Additional information

» Permissions and events tab

This tab allows configuring the events that can be fired by Room and the operations that can be executed on a Room at runtime.

Permissions and events tab

» Room Variables tab

A Room can have a number of variables attached to it, where application-specific information that should be shared among all the users in the Room can be stored. This tab allows creating Room Variables on the static Rooms.

Room Variables tab

» Room Extension tab

This tab allows attaching a custom Extension to the Room, containing your server-side logic. More information on Extensions is available in the Java Extensions and JavaScript Extensions documentation.

Room Extension tab

Additional information

» MMO settings tab

This tab can be used to activate the "MMO" features for the current Room. More information is available in the MMO Rooms documentation.

MMO settings tab

Additional information


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