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» Client API setup | ActionScript 3

The ActionScript 3 API is used to develop applications and games for all browsers running the Flash plugin. With Adobe Air it is also possible to create standalone versions and apps for iOS and Android devices.

The API supports Adobe Flash CS4 (and higher) and Adobe Flex Builder 3 (and higher). In Flex/Flash Builder UDP support is included for the AIR 2.0+ runtime. The API is distributed as a single SWC library file that can be easily added to your Flash/Flex Project.

» Installing under Flash

To install the API in Flash, follow these steps:

» Installing under Flex/Flash Builder

The quick way to add the SFS2X API to your Flex/Flash Builder is by adding the provided .swc file in the default libs/ folder available under every project.

If you prefer not to copy the library file you can do as follows:


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