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» Installing under Windows

All client and server versions of Windows are supported starting from Windows 2000 up to the latest one, including both 32 and 64 bit editions.

Make sure to choose the correct installer (32bit or 64bit) and start the process by double clicking the downloaded package, then follow the simple instructions on screen to complete the installation.

NOTE for Windows Vista and subsequent versions
By default the installer suggests to use C:\Program Files as the target folder. Starting from Windows Vista (and later versions such as 2008 and 7) this folder requires Administrator privileges for writing files. Because SFS2X needs to write log files you might encounter write-permission problems if you are not an Administrator.

If you prefer to avoid these issues please install SmartFoxServer 2X under a folder below your home directory. For example use C:\Users\{MyUserName}\

» Running SmartFoxServer 2X

We provide options for running SFS2X in two different modes.

» Uninstalling SmartFoxServer 2X

A convenient Uninstall program is provided in the installation folder, which completely removes the software from your system. The removal implies also that your custom settings and data will be lost. Proceed carefully with uninstalling SFS2X if you want to keep your settings.


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