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» SmartFoxServer 2X manual migration

The process of migrating the server happens when you are installing a major new release that is distributed with a full installer instead of a patch.

The difference between the two is that minor releases are provided as patches that can be applied on a number of previous versions without requiring a re-install. Every once in a while, when a new release contains major updates we will release a full installer which cannot be installed on top of a previous version. You should instead install SFS2X in a new folder and migrate the configuration from the previous installation.

» Migrating to SmartFoxServer v2.14.0 (and higher) from 2.13.x

NOTE: This is valid for all SFS2X versions starting from 2.14 and higher (2.15, 2.16, 2.17 etc.)

The biggest change in release 2.14.0 is the switch from Jetty to Apache Tomcat.
If you're using custom HTTP ports (other than 8080/8443) you will have to reconfigure them via the AdminTool (Server Configurator > Web Server). Also if you're running an SSL certificate you will need to redeploy it via the AdminTool.

» Migrating to SmartFoxServer v2.13.0

In order to migrate to SFS2X 2.13 you can follow the steps provided below for 2.12 with an important difference: the core server.xml cannot be ported from a previous configuration.

The easiest way to transport an old server configuration is to run the two servers side by side and rebuild the settings via the AdminTool's Server Configurator.

NOTE: if you're using websockets please make sure to read what changes in this new release.

» Migrating from SmartFoxServer v2.9.0+ to v2.12.0

If you are running an older SFS2X version (2.9.x, 2.10.x or 2.11.x), do not overwrite your previous installation: run the full installer of SFS2X v2.12, install it in a new folder and copy the following files from the previous installation to keep your settings:

Steps 3, 4 and 5 are not mandatory, you can decide to skip them if you are not using extensions or don't need to migrate the buddy lists, etc.

Once this is done you can start the new server.

» Migrating from SmartFoxServer prior to v2.9.0

If you are running an older version of SFS2X prior to v2.9, please do not migrate your server configuration and Zone definitions (steps 1 and 2 above): you should instead recreate them using the SFS2X Administration Tool.

ยป Support

If you have any questions or problems with the migration process you can get help at our support forum.