The SFSRoomManager type exposes the following members.


Public methodContainsGroup
Indicates whether the specified Group has been subscribed by the client or not.
Public methodContainsRoom
Indicates whether a Room exists in the Rooms list or not.
Public methodContainsRoomInGroup
Indicates whether the Rooms list contains a Room belonging to the specified Group or not.
Public methodGetJoinedRooms
Returns a list of Rooms currently joined by the client.
Public methodGetRoomById
Retrieves a Room object from its id.
Public methodGetRoomByName
Retrieves a Room object from its name.
Public methodGetRoomCount
Returns the current number of Rooms in the Rooms list.
Public methodGetRoomList
Returns a list of Rooms currently "known" by the client.
Public methodGetRoomListFromGroup
Retrieves the list of Rooms which are part of the specified Room Group.
Public methodGetUserRooms
Retrieves a list of Rooms joined by the specified user.

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