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» Zone Configurator | Zone configuration settings

The following paragraphs show the screenshots of the Zone configuration settings tabs of the Zone Configurator module, and enter into deeper details about the less straightforward settings.

» General tab

This tab contains the basic Zone settings.

General tab

Additional information

» Advanced tab

This tab contains the advanced Zone settings.

Advanced tab

Additional information

» Words Filter tab

This tab allows configuring the words filter. SmartFoxServer 2X comes with a built-in and highly customizable words filter allowing automatic moderation: when active, it can be applied to usernames, Room names, private messages and Buddy messages in the General tab, and to public chat messages in the Room configuration settings.

Words Filter tab

Additional information

» Flood Filter tab

SmartFoxServer 2X comes with an anti-flood filter which can be configured in this tab: it allows automatic banning of Users that are trying to flood your applications with the same requests over and over.

Flood Filter tab

Additional information

» Zone Extension tab

This tab allows attaching a custom Extension to the Zone, containing your server-side logic. More information on Extensions is available in the Java Extensions and JavaScript Extensions documentation.

Zone Extension tab

Additional information

» Database Manager tab

SmartFoxServer 2X can easily connect to any external database. Enter the settings in this tab in order to setup your database connection for the current Zone. More information about database connections can be found in this how-to.

Database Manager tab

» Buddy List tab

This tab activates and configures the Buddy List system. The Buddy List allows each client to keep a list of friends and know in realtime if they are online, their status, etc. More information can be found in the Buddy List API documentation.

Buddy List tab

» Privilege Manager tab

This tab can be used to create different user profiles with different permissions as it regards the interaction with the server. Each permission profile contains a list of denied API calls for each user belonging to a specific category. More information is available in the Privilege manager documentation.

Privilege Manager tab


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